Document Library examples for Sellers of Mexico

Fideicomiso or Bank Trust


Cesion of rights

Deed of Mortgage cancellation if apply

Catastro data stamp

Public Registry Data Stamp Years ago

Public Registry Data Stamp Mortgage cancellation

Public Registry Data Stamp Current Years

Manifesto Front Page

Manifesto back Page

Manifesto per Remodel

Manifesto per addition of construction

Manifesto for cesion of rights

Manifesto per construction registration

Manifesto per cesion of rights

Property tax payment Receipt

Proof of address of the property and for the seller if he lives in other country

Last water bill of the property if apply sometimes is included in HOA dues

Resident permanent for foreign if apply

Official Mexican ID (INE) if apply

Passport if apply

Curp if apply

Floor Plans (optional)

Floor Plans (optional)

Marriage certify if apply

RFC also known as Constancia de situacion fiscal for Mexican or resident permanent if apply

Rules of operation of condominium regimen if apply

power of the attorney if apply if apply

Promise of trust Contract

This is only required when are pre-sales or soft-closing

Finally The exclusive right to sale contract and Good quality pictures!!