Financing in Los Cabos, México.

Imagine buying your dream home. Connect with a lender to help you make it happen.

Intercam Mortgage is a fully licensed and accredited lending institution in Mexico.

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At lntercam, we understand that sometimes a change in scenery is necessary.

That’s why we created the Dream Loan, a home loan For citizens like you, that come from the U.S. and Canada looking to buy a house in Los Cabos or Puerto Vallarta, two of the prettiest beaches in Mexico.

As a one-stop banking experience, we’II be by your side from the moment you get in touch with us, until you get the keys to your dream property.


  • Age plus term mucbe less than 85 years
  • Property title with Public Registry Information(RPP)-Totally Finish Property
  • Appraisal with valuation unit provided by Intercam Banco
  • Title report & Title insurance
  • Guarantee & restricted zone trust with Intercam Fiduciario
  • Life and Home insurance
  • Checking account (USD) with Intercam Banco/International
  • Payment throught :ACH,Transfer


Currency: US Dollar.
Nationality: USA or Canadian citizens.
Immigration status: temporary, permanent or no residency.
Minimum property value: $250,000 USD.
Loan-to-value: up to 65% of the appraisal value (risk adjusted).
Loan length: l to 25 years (risk adjusted).
Fixed rate: defined according to credit profile and market conditions.
Fees: underwriting, closing and origination.
Benefits: no prepayment penalty, interest is calculated on the unpaid balance, a One-stop banking experience.

Subject to change according to market conditions.

Required Documents

Borrower/Co-Borrower Temporary or Permanent Without Residence
Passport #1#2 Yes Yes
Residence Card /Immigrante form (INM)1,2 Yes Yes
Marriage certificate (if applicable) Yes Yes
Proof of Residency (home Country) Yes Yes
Proof of Residency (Mexico) Yes
RFC and CURP #1#2 Yes
SSN/SIN 1 Yes Yes
Financial/ Bank Statement (6 months)1 Yes Yes
Tax Return ( 3 Years)#1 Yes Yes
Power of the attorney (if applicable) #1 Yes Yes
Administrative Formats #1 #3 Yes Yes
Credit report & Score (home country)1 Yes Yes
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